Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Ideas

Happy Halloween everybody! Halloween is my favorite holiday next to Christmas of course. Growing up I loved loved loved dressing up and running around the neighborhood for hours trying to collect as much candy as possible in my big pillowcase. Even as a teenager I really enjoyed going to the haunted houses and watching scary movies and still of course dressing up. Well here I am in my late 20's and still thoroughly enjoy getting candy, dressing up, decorating, and eating fun food.
I thought today I would share with you some fun ideas to jazz up your Halloween, whether you are celebrating at home or with friends or going out!
Some of these ideas my sister and I came up with a few years ago at a really fun family get together and some I have seen online and thought looked so fun and cute for a day of spooky eating! Enjoy!!

This first idea was super fun and looked totally awesome. We called it "Monster punch". You take your favorite clear colored drink and add green food coloring (or if you are a fan of lime or green apple koolaid use those). The glasses were dipped in corn syrup that had been colored with red food coloring.
We each really enjoyed making our own caramel apples. Take a popsicle stick and push it into the end of an apple. Dip into melted caramel. Drizzle with your favorite toppings. Mine I had white chocolate and almonds with a few oreos.
I saw these bloody bandaids on Pinterest and thought they were awesome because they actually do look like a bloody bandaid, which I don't know about you but whenever I see some nasty bandaid laying on the ground it gives me a big case of the heeby jeebies! Simply take a graham cracker and break it up into the rectangles. Add a smidge of cream cheese or white icing and throw on your favorite red jelly!
*I saw this idea on Kids Kubby.*
Im not a huge fan of dates but these stuffed roaches looked awesome! You take some pitted dates and slice a tiny way down the side. Make a mixture of softened cream cheese and chopped up walnuts and fill the dates. Throw them on a platter with some fake cockroaches and bam...icky bugs!
*This idea also came from Kids Kubby*
I have seen so many of these jello worms pictures on Pinterest floating around. I can't believe how real they turn out looking. To make the worms I suggest following a recipe found at Its a mixture of gelatin and whipping cream and you use STRAWS to make them look so real. To make them even more authentic when on display pile them on top of some finely crushed up oreos to make it look like dirt!
Demon's Deviled Eggs. How creative. Just mix a little bit of green food coloring into your favorite deviled eggs recipe, top it with a sliced olive and add bloody veins with food coloring!
Witch Fingers. I liked that these had green food coloring in them to make them a bit different then all the other "fingers" floating around Pinterest. Just take your favorite sugar cookie dough recipe (like mine found here) add a little green food coloring to the dough as you mix it. When forming the dough into fingers make little slices for the knuckles and add a sliced almond for the nails!
*I saw this idea on Party Pail*
Ha I love these little ghosts. Just take a strawberry, dip it in white chocolate, pipe on a cute face and make the greens stand up for scared hair lol

I had a parent bring something similar to these little orange pumpkins to our Preschool on Halloween for snack day and thought they were adorable. Simply cut out a face on your orange, scoop out the inside, and fill with a fruit salad!

Well that's probably enough ideas for this year! What are you favorite Halloween inspired foods to serve up? I would love to hear how you like to celebrate your holiday and if you do anything amazing with food I would love for you to share! Happy Halloween all!

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