Saturday, June 25, 2016

Baked Beans

This recipe brings back such good memories. My husband and I love to camp. When we were first married we camped all the time and this was one of our favorite meals to prepare over the fire.
I don't do much cooking over the fire anymore for this recipe and instead use my handy dandy oven ;) but whenever I eat this it does remind me of those days.
This is seriously one of my favorite recipes because it is so versatile. I've made it with pork chops, with ground hamburger, and hot dogs. This is also my all time favorite meal to make as a freezer meal. It warms up so well and tastes like it was never in the freezer.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Chicken Bake

If you have ever been to Costco and eaten at their food court chances are you have seen this beauty on the menu. The chicken bake.
I know I know, most people stick to the amazingly amazing cheap hot dog and soda or the ridiculously massive slice of pizza but I almost always get these. I seriously crave these when I am sitting at home. And to be honest the ones in their freezer section are okay but not like the ones they make in the front.
Now I will be honest. This recipe isn't exactly like the ones they have up front, I feel like it has more of the ingredients that they serve in the ones you buy in the freezer section BUT that being said, it does taste pretty darn close.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Deep Fried French Toast

Yes. You read that correctly. Deep, fried, french toast. This has yum written all over it.
For our anniversary this year I told my husband all I wanted was to not have to cook for one whole day. So he took me out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was so fun.
For breakfast we decided to try out a new place called The Original Breakfast House. This particular item was on the menu and was amazing. I paired it with a glass a fresh squeezed orange juice and found myself in pure heaven after just having breakfast.
Of course, when I got home I instantly started looking up recipes online to see if I could figure out how to make it, and came up with this recipe that turned out pretty darn close. It isn't exactly like theirs but hey, I think think that's okay cuz it is delicious none the less.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Chow Mein

Whenever I would go to Panda Express growing up I always got the fried rice. Chow mein always looked so gross to me whenever my mom would get it. Since they changed their rice recipe a while ago (I actually have no idea how long ago it was haha) I decided one day a couple years ago to venture out and try the chow mein. Okay, normally I have a hard time saying that my mom knew what she was talking about ;) but she did. Chow mein rocks! I've never gone back to the fried rice and always get the chow mein now and trust me I have a hard time resisting the urge to tell them to just fill up the whole container and forget the main dishes.
This recipe is a great mock version of the Panda Express kind. It has the same ingredients, as far as I can tell, and it tastes just as good if not better.
It also comes together very quick so its an easy side to pair with your favorite dishes. I paired mine with some potstickers that I had posted about a little bit ago. SO YUMMY!
Anyway, enjoy!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Cheesy Broccoli Mac n Cheese

Growing up I always loved ripping open a box of mac n cheese and having that with some hot dogs for lunch.
As an adult I must admit I still really enjoy having mac n cheese and hot dogs but I don't like the taste of boxed mac n cheese any more. It tastes soooo processed and just flat out gross ro me.
I have been making homemade for many years now because not only is it just as easy, it tastes a million times better and is very versitle.
For example I use the cheese sauce recipe, add broccoli and serve it over baked potatoes as well, DELISH.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Avocado Pesto with Zucchini Noodles

I've been trying out some new recipes over the past couple of weeks for my diet friends over at RedRiver Health and Wellness. This is one that we really enjoyed in our household. This is a great recipe because its so simple and tastes really good. I believe from start to finish this meal took me maybe 10 minutes. That's pretty awesome in my book.
Zucchini noodles have been kind of a fad lately. I see them popping up all over pinterest and to be honest I have always wanted to try them but just never have. When cooked up they do look just like spaghetti noodles so you don't even miss having the real noodles in there.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Kettle Corn Popcorn

One thing I love about going to the zoo down here is the heavy smell of Kettle corn in the air. It makes me salivate so much every time we go, but who wants to pay $8 for a bag of it when you know it costs less then $1 to make. Not me. So our new tradition when we visit is for me to whip up a batch and bring it in bags. I'll tell you what I don't know if it really does taste better or not but saving that much money sure does make it taste better to me :)
I never knew how simple making kettle corn was. The hardest part is making sure it doesn't burn. Which if you keep an eye and an ear on it you won't have any problems at all.
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