Thursday, January 3, 2013

Almond Chicken

I was very surprised at the lack of almond chicken recipes on the internet. I thought this was a popular dish? I found 3 that seemed okay but none of them would work with the diet so I had to create my own substitutions to make it work. So I will, as usual, put the original recipe and then how I needed to change it down below in my notes.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Breakfast Quinoa

Now I am the first person to tell you that Quinoa is not one of my most favorite things to eat. After trying out a few different ways of having it for dinner and almost wanting the throw it right back up I decided to give it a chance for breakfast. I came across this recipe from one of my most favorite food sites and you know what...its actually good. Coming from me that is a pretty big statement because I can't stand the stuff to be honest. The first time I did this diet and did quinoa for breakfast I did everything I could think of to just choke the stuff down. Needless to say I never really looked forward to waking up and eating because I hated it so much.
BUT NOW...I have found this fantastic recipe that makes it taste a lot like cracked wheat cereal. And of course, is diet approved. Enjoy!

Chicken Fajitas

I have started trying to find recipes that will work with the diet that my hubby gives his patients. It is a very restricted diet that works wonders on most people that come to see him. Its not a weight loss diet, but most people do lose weight. I have taken it upon myself (again) to try the diet out and find more recipes for those that are on it. The clinic he works at now gives them a little booklet of recipes some person wrote up and gave them but honestly they are pretty darn least of the few I actually tried and will NEVER try again.

So heres for you gluten free, dairy free, soy free.....yes the list is quite long so I will stop there

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