Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hard Boiled Eggs

You know, I've been asked many times in my years of being alive how do you boil the perfect hard boiled egg and my response was always, "You have to boil them?"
I grew up with an egg cooker where you just poke a little hole in the egg throw it in the cooker with some water turn it on and wait till the timer goes off. Then when I got married my mom gave me an egg cooker which was awesome. It came with this little measuring cup for the liquid to say how much liquid you needed for how you like your eggs. It was great, although I found myself never using it for some reason. Since I never used it I decided to just give it to old DI. Well long story short, after we moved here I found myself wanting to eat a lot of hard boiled eggs so I had to learn pretty fast how to make a good hard boiled egg the old fashioned way.
For those of you like me, or just don't usually do it, here is a great method on how to get a perfect hard boiled egg. I know there are about a billion methods out there...but here is the one we use in our household.


1. Place desired amount of eggs in a pot and cover with water, cover with at least an inch above the eggs.
2. Place on the stove with lid off and bring to a boil on high. Let boil for 3 minutes, cover and remove from heat.
3. Let the eggs sit covered off the heat for 13 minutes.
4. Meanwhile get a big bowl ready with ice and water.
5. When 13 minutes is up transfer the eggs to the ice bath and let cool down.
6. EAT :)

**Randi's Side Notes**
~ It is best to NOT use fresh eggs. Ones that are at least a week old will have the shell peel off a lot easier for you.

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