Monday, August 12, 2013

Honey Mustard Drumsticks

I have really been on a chicken kick lately. But honestly I don't really ever get sick of chicken. Its so versatile. Not only do you have a few different choices on what kind of chicken you want but you choose how it gets cooked. Grill it? Maybe. Roast it? Maybe. Fry it? Maybe. Not only is cooking it super versatile but so is whatever you pair it with. You can marinade a billion different ways, or mix with a billion different ingredients and it can come out different every time!
This week I have been on a grilling kick so most of my chicken and veggies have been grilled. I love how the grill adds that extra bit of mmm mmm to the outside of the chicken (yes Im talking about that burned chard part) while leaving the inside super moist! This recipe was fantastic. Its a honey mustard marinade and sticks to the skin and flavors the chicken so much! Give it a try!

This recipe comes from a site I have again just recently stumbled upon via Pinterest (THANK YOU PINTEREST!). The blog is called Nibbles by Nic. I think I will be using this blog again in the near future to try out some more recipes. She has a tab called Nibbles for Kids and it has recipes that are kid friendly and fun for them to eat. Thats something that I think sets her blog apart from all the others!

3-4 lbs. chicken drumsticks (about 10)
½ cup Dijon mustard (flavored Dijon are great too!)
2 tablespoon stone ground mustard (I like the contrast of the two mustard’s)
½ teaspoon garlic powder
½ cup good honey
2 tablespoon soy sauce (For GF just make sure you use the right kind)
Chives for garnish
Kosher Salt & Pepper to taste

1. Rinse chicken and pat dry very well getting all moisture out.
2. Sprinkle chicken with salt, pepper and garlic powder.
3. In a small mixing bowl whisk together the honey, mustard & soy sauce.
4. Reserve ¼ cup of the marinade in a separate small bowl for later.
5. Pour the marinade over the chicken in a large mixing bowl.
6. Let the chicken sit in the refrigerator for at least two hours (all day or overnight is preferable)
7. Heat your grill to high heat and grease the grill grate with with oil or cooking spray. Cook the chicken for 10 minutes then flip it over and cook if for an additional 10 minutes to crisp it up.
8. Transfer to indirect heat and using a barbeque brush, brush the chicken with the remaining sauce. Cook for 20-30 more minutes until thoroughly cooked through. (If you have remaining sauce, brush again right toward the end of cooking time.

**Randi's Side Notes**
~ I marinaded my chicken for about 8 hours and I would say that it had good flavor but next time I will definitely marinade it over night.
~ I ended up pouring all of the marinade in with the chicken so it only got the initial brush right when I got it on the grill, so it wasn't as super flavorful as it could have been so I would recommend leaving some out to brush on.
~ I know she said to cook it for like 40 minutes total and that is crazy. You can EASILY get perfectly juicy cooked chicken in 20.Just leave it in the direct heat. Although I do understand that by taking it off and continuing to baste it will develop that flavor in the skin even more but honestly I don't think it is necessary.
~ Also, for gluten free, just make sure you check your soy sauce. There are some great brands out there that don't have gluten in them, but some do.

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