Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fun St. Patricks Day Ideas

Shamrock Pretzel Snacks

So I thought this was a really cute idea for some kind of St. Patricks day snack. Definitely something kids would think was fun and they could easily help make it as well.

You will need:
- Pkg of Yogurt Pretzels
- White Chocolate Chips (about 1/2 a bag, or 1 cup)
- Green Frosting
- Green Sprinkles

For step by step instructions you can find them (with pictures) at:
Sun Scholars

This blog has become one of my new favorite adictions!! I first found this blog when I was working in a preschool and needed some ideas for crafts. They have such fun ideas on how to let kids help in the kitchen and some super fun crafts that I think work for multiple age groups.

Shamrock Pizza

So cute. To make these cute pepper shapes just simply cut each end off of the green bell pepper and hollow it out. SO SIMPLE!

Rainbow Cupcakes

This is a lot more simple then you may think. Simply section your cupcake batter into different bowls and add whatever food coloring you want to each one. Then add small spoonfuls to your cupcake tins. To cute!

Pot-O-Gold Jigglers

Just a cute way of bringing in the gold :)

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my shamrock snacks! Visit my blog for my latest St. Patty's day treat. You won't want to miss it!!


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