Thursday, March 17, 2011

Super Easy Chicken and Rice

First of all I am well aware that my picture taking abilities are pretty much amazing and I take pictures of food in such an artistic way. LOL. This is a recipe that one of my friends shared with me while living in California. It is just a basic basic basic recipe for chicken and rice. This is my go to chicken and rice recipe, for the fact that its fast, easy, doesn't cost very much money, and tastes great.

*Note, these are not exact measurements*

Drumsticks (I usually use between 6-8 with lots of leftovers)
1 1/2 cups uncooked rice
Tomato Powder
Flour Tortillas

Okay so like I said I just kinda throw this together but heres how I do it. So first, take your drumsticks and cover with water to cook. Once the chicken is coming away from the bones go ahead and turn it off. Take out enough of the water to use in your rice.
Brown your rice in a pot before adding the water. Add water and a couple of shakes of tomato powder. *DONT add salt to the rice. The tomato powder has quite a bit of salt in it so wait and taste it first*
While the rice is cooking, take the chicken meat off the bones and add to rice. I like my rice with a little more water left in it to make it kinda soupy but you can cook it as long as you want. Sometimes I will add left over water from the cooked chicken to make it more soupy as well. I usually end up adding a little more tomato powder once its almost done just to give it a little more flavor and color.
To serve:
Brown up your tortillas on your stove. I loved getting them kinda crispy using my gas stove...mmmmm
I add a little, okay a lot, of Tapatio sauce to my chicken and rice. I like to break apart my tortilla and fill small bit sized pieces with the chicken and rice.

**Randi's Side Notes**
~ As you can see this recipe is completly just off the head and so it may sound a little out of control. But it really is easy I promise. And it does taste good, just may not look that appetizing from the photo :)
~ Ive used chicken thighs in this recipe as well. They taste good to, but they are harder to pull apart in my opinion. You could also serve the chicken whole in the rice and you could pull it apart as you eat (thats how I originally had it)
~ For gluten free friends, this is actually pretty tasty without a tortilla, or with a gluten free tortilla. When I do it without the tortilla, I like to add a little bit more of the boiled chicken water and have it be a little more on the soupy side.

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