Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Sugar Cookies

I kept going back and forth about whether to post this or not because some of you may not find this quite as cute and funny as I do. But I decided that I just had to. Here are some really cute (and I think hilarious) ways of decorating some heart shaped sugar cookies for valentines day. There are G rated ones, PG rated ones, and PG 13 rated ones. Now, mind you, I don't think I would decorate the PG or PG13 ones when children are around but I think you sweetie pie will find them pretty darn funny and perfect for Valentines day.

For step by step instructions on how to decorate these completely adorable and hilarious cookies visit Valentines Sugar Cookies.
I found this blog through one of my favorite blogs. The blog is called How Does She This is a really fun site that has a bunch of different tabs you can click on that answer the question "How does she". For example, How does she celebrate seasons? How does she cook and bake? How does she love her family? This is just another one of my favorite sites that has lots of recipes, crafts, and creative decorating your house ideas. Man I wish I could be half as creative as these ladies I find on here!!

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