Monday, June 11, 2012

Turkey Panini

This is a Zupa's inspired sandwhich. I have no idea why we think we can't make delish sandwhiches at home. All you need....GOOD QUALITY BREAD!!!
(This picture is what the one at Zupas looks like, since I sooo do not have a photo taking ability in my body)
Now to make this a diet approved meal obviously you need to change it from a sandwich to a wrap. See my corrections below in my notes.

Sliced turkey meat (I got mine at the deli, thick sliced at a number 3
1 ripe avacado
1 tomato, sliced
Honey Mustard
Ciabatta bread (Target has a really good take and bake one! For GF, use your favorite GF kind)
Your favorite cheese (I would recommend Provalone or Meunster)
Olive oil

1. Bake your ciabatta bread as directed on the package.
2. Cook your bacon. I used turkey bacon and it was awesome and healthier.
3. Prep your avacado. You can put it in slices or mash it...I like it mashed personally.
4. Once the ciabatta bread has cooled enough to touch, slice it in half. This is how I assembled mine:
~Bottom bun
~Honey Mustard sauce
~Turkey (I used 2 thick slices)
~Bacon (I used 2 slices broken into 4 pieces)
~Tomato slices
~Smashed avacado
~Top bun
5. Once it is all assembled brush the top and bottom buns with olive oil.
6. Place your sandwich in a sandwich press (I used my George Foreman grill) and smash the crap out of it to make it so it can fit in your mouth :) or until it is nicely toasted on each side.

**Randi's Side Notes**
~ To make this a diet approved meal use lettuce leaves instead of the bread, and leave out the tomato and cheese. Also, use turkey bacon, and just use regular dijon mustard. IT IS FANTASTIC! I promise. We eat it like this more then we do on the bread!
~ I happened to have some Chick-fil-a Sauce in my fridge so I used that and it was absolutely amazing.
~ If you can't find ciabatta bread and don't want to make it, make sure you get a bread that is going to be able to stand up to all the ingredients, and thick enough that it won't fall apart on you as you try to put it all together.
~ To make this gluten free either use a good gluten free bread or just use it in a lettuce wrap.

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