Monday, January 27, 2014

Easy Greek Roasted Chicken

Ok I saw this picture of a recipe on Pinterest and I knew it was something that I must try! Doesn't this picture just scream "I'M DELICIOUS"?! Well it did to me and I am here to tell you that it did not disappoint.
Not only is this chicken FULL of awesome flavor but its ridiculously easy. You just throw everything in the pan and let the oven do all the work.
I did have to make some corrections to the recipe so check out my side notes for those!

This recipe came from a blog that I have never been to. Its called Simply Delicious. If her other recipes are half as good as this one was I will definitely have to try them. She had a lot of pretty good sounding ones so I wouldn't be surprised if I am posting another one from there soon!

8 chicken thighs
1 head of garlic, halved
2 red onions, cut into wedges
100g Calamata olives
olive oil, to drizzle
2 tsp dried oregano
salt & pepper to taste
juice of 1 lemon

Serve with:
Tzatziki Sauce
warm pita breads
extra lemon wedges
For Gluten Free serve this up with a nice Mediterranean quinoa salad or quinoa.

1. Pre-heat the oven to 350.
2. Place the chicken in a oven-proof pan/dish and add the red onion wedges, sliced head of garlic and calamata olives.
3. Sprinkle over the dried oregano, season to taste and drizzle over the lemon juice.
4. Place it in the oven and allow to roast for 20-25** minutes until the chicken is cooked throughout and the skin is golden and crisp.
5. Serve with Tzatziki, warm pita breads and extra lemon wedges.

**Randi's Side Notes**
~ Maybe my oven was VERY wrong in cooking times but my chicken took closer to 45-1 hour. The original recipe had the temperature at 180 c...and most people down in the comments said that was 350, but I don't know...I think the cooking times were a bit off. I also covered mine for half of it and then took the tinfoil off the last half and broiled the skin so it was crispy.
~ I should make mention that I did use bone in thighs (maybe that's why my times were off?!)
~ I also had no idea how much 100g of olives was so I just dumped about half a bottle in :)
~  Anti-Inflammatory Friends:You could serve this up with a nice Mediterranean quinoa and roasted veggies. (You would not be able to eat it with pita bread or the tzatziki sauce)

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