Monday, June 11, 2012

Strawberry Shortcake...cake :)

I came across this recipe via Pinterest and it looked REALLY amazing. So I decided to give it a try for our anniversary this year. It was absoultely fantastic although there are things I would change for next time based on the fact that there were only 2 of us eating it. But here is the original recipe. The icing on this cake is so stinking amazing.

Italian Burgers

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned Italian burger?! I'm pretty sure I make mine just like most people but this is the way I personally like to have them.
I like to switch up having plain old burgers sometimes so this is how I usually do it. We eat a lot of hamburgers in our home so I have to find different ways of loading up that bun to make it different every time.

Turkey Panini

This is a Zupa's inspired sandwhich. I have no idea why we think we can't make delish sandwhiches at home. All you need....GOOD QUALITY BREAD!!!
(This picture is what the one at Zupas looks like, since I sooo do not have a photo taking ability in my body)
Now to make this a diet approved meal obviously you need to change it from a sandwich to a wrap. See my corrections below in my notes.

Roasted Broccoli & Other Veggies

This has become one of our favorite side dishes. I grew up only having vegetables cooked on the stove, covered in water...and what I never knew was that you get soooo much more flavor when you roast your veggies.
Down below in my side notes are other vegetable ideas that are fantastic roasted. There is just something about roasting vegetables that makes them a lot more enjoyable to eat. I have had multiple people tell me that they don't like vegetables, and then I would roast some for them and cook them right (not overcooking them) and I have been able to change a few minds.
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