Monday, December 9, 2013

Homemade Eggnog (no alcohol)

I can't believe it is almost Christmas! Where has the time gone? I know its been a while since I posted a recipe, lately I have been going back through all the recipes on here and haven't really been trying anything new.
This recipe is not one that is new to me. I have had this eggnog recipe every year at Christmas since I was a little girl. Normal homemade eggnog is made with alcohol, and since I don't drink alcohol this is a great and perfect recipe for me to have, since the store bought eggnog leaves something to be desired.
I have very fond memories of helping my mom in the kitchen around Christmas time. But this was always my favorite drink to have while opening Christmas presents! ENJOY!

(3 times the recipe to make a gallon of eggnog)
1 small package Vanilla pudding (cook and serve)
1/2 cup sugar
1 quart and 1/4 cup milk
3 egg yolks, slightly beaten
3 egg whites
1 tsp. vanilla
2 tsp. rum flavoring (when 3x use 4 tsp.)
1 cup whipping cream

1. Combine pudding mix, sugar, and 1/4 cup of milk in 2 quart saucepan.
2. Add slightly beaten egg yolks and blend well. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until mixture comes to a full boil (about 10 minutes).
3. Let mixture cool completely.
4. Beat egg whites until stiff peaks form.
5. FOLD into the cooled pudding mixture.
6. Add vanilla, rum flavoring, and remaining milk.
7. Chill several hours.
8. Sprinkle with nutmeg before serving.

**Randi's Side Notes**
~ You can totally make this recipe your own. Toppings that I have seen are cinnamon sticks, whipped cream, nutmeg, all sorts of things.
~ I have never tried using any other milk besides cows milk so I do not know if making it with some other kind would alter the measurements of the ingredients.

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